This solution contains patent-pending technology providing the ability to detect and manage known vulnerabilities as well as use fuzzing to detect anomalies and penetrate systems with new and unknown flaws. It uses well known suggested settings and configurations from NIST, DISA, and others to ensure systems are configured to be as secure as possible. CanSecure has an extensively written API allowing the integration of our signature vulnerability scanning software with third-party products. The CCG-designed humanoid artificial intelligence is used to perform system administrative duties involving configuration setup and adjustments, fault correction and extending system scanning, penetration testing, Red and Blue Team exercises capabilities of devices.

It provides auditing that follows various leading standards for compliance (NIST, PCI-DSS, CAESARS) and ensures configuration checks and settings comply with industry standards (NIST, DISA-STIG, SCAP). It uses standard risk assessment scoring (NIST CVSS) and reporting to help identify and prioritize the resolution of vulnerabilities..