Power by cognitive learning, Artificial Intelligence: Phen.AI Isolates your cyber threats in 15 minutes to keep your name out of the news and expensive overhead cost of the data breach.

Today’s digital domain cybersecurity threats are indiscriminate.  Any entity operating in the digital domain is vulnerable. The average time from accessing the internet to being scanned by a threat is 7 minutes.

Sooner or later, hackers will compromise one of your connected devices. When that happens, your company will find itself in the headlines for a crippling breach.   Not only that, the average cost of a data breach per compromised record is $148.  Healthcare industry,the average cost of a data breach per compromised record $355 unless you can isolate the threat immediately and stop it from spreading to other devices, data, networks, and workloads while at the same time maintaining business continuity.

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At CCG, we partner with you to build resilience into your environment, dynamically isolating and detecting a malicious endpoint from user accounts and other devices within seconds of detection – before it creates a cybersecurity event that does damage to your business. Our solutions deploy anywhere within a few hours at most and automatically take steps to secure the network and start tracking the perpetrators. They are so robust that they readily deployed seamlessly into any running network.

Remember: digital cyberattacks are inevitable. Having your name in the news isn’t, nor is the expensive overhead cost of the data breach.