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Phen.AI on-premise Enterprise Appliance

Powered by cognitive learning, Artificial Intelligence: Phen.AI Isolates your cyber threats in 15 minutes to keep your name out of the news and expensive overhead cost of the data breach.

Today’s digital domain cybersecurity threats are indiscriminate.  Any entity operating in the digital domain is vulnerable. The average time from accessing the internet to being scanned by a threat is 7 minutes.

Sooner or later, hackers will compromise one of your connected devices. When that happens, your company will find itself in the headlines for a crippling breach.   Not only that, the average cost of a data breach per compromised record is $148.  Healthcare industry, the average cost of a data breach per compromised record is $355 unless you can isolate the threat immediately and stop it from spreading to other devices, data, networks, and workloads while at the same time maintaining business continuity.

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CCG was born out of the singular vision to provide a state-of-the-art cutting-edge AI cybersecurity software solution in a pre-configured package. This drive led us to develop CheckMate, a complete self-contained sophisticated analytic software solution, and related support. CheckMate leverages and powers Artificial Intelligence called “Phen.AI,” a cutting-edge, cognitive learning technology.  CCG developed Phen.AI, the Humanoid Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Silicon, a sophisticated analytic engine that provides optimized methodologies to assess Armament Center technology ranging from pre-analysis data searches to post-analysis data mining and visualizations. Phen.AI is designed to operate as the fastest car example Porsche regarding data analytics.

CCG’s CheckMate software solution satisfies the ATO and will provide a complete solution with an automated deployment process that is required to meet the customer’s analytic goals. CCG understands the mission is to provide a non-programmatic, non-scripted analytic platform that is not limited to a single optimized result.  The CheckMate automation capabilities will engage in sophisticated analytic tasks that will simplify a personal analyst’s level of effort resulting in reduced cost and saving time.

Traditionally operational analysis relies heavily on scripted scenarios, Phen.AI provides cutting-edge analytic and intelligence approaches that rely on Phen.AI working the problems dynamically as a data analyst.  A person or group often becomes driven to a singular optimal outcome.  Phen.AI technology simultaneously develops multiple approaches including various environmental changes and methodologies to reach optimal solutions.  Phen.AI provides multiple results and allows the selection of the best option.

CCG’s Phen.AI uses Knowledge Representation, Reasoning, and Action (KRRA) to provide and ensure dynamic analysis. Phen.AI is intended to examine and propose objective experimental ideas. Phen employs KRRA to combine strong probability findings from Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and reinforced Learning (RL) with cognitive analytics based on learned facts, relationships, and rules about the objects being studied. Phen.AI communicate in simple English to request tasks, discuss results, make ideas, and identify flaws discovered during the analysis. Multiple mind-frames are used by Phen.AI to analyze problems in parallel with different mental approaches to the software platform’s optimal results.  This allows Phen.AI to take different approaches to objective cognitive analytics, and identify, and suggest adjustments and changes that lead to highly optimized results.

The CheckMate system is installed and configured centrally located at the customer site.  The system is an analytic cloud environment that scales to customer needs.  All data is stored, processed, and displayed privately at the customer site.  CheckMate allows for simultaneous processing and analysis by Phen.AI and analysts.  The highest security and protection for the data are provided within CheckMate ensuring quality Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) and security protections.

At CCG, we partner with you to build resilience into your environment, dynamically isolating and detecting a malicious endpoint from user accounts and other devices within seconds of detection – before it creates a cybersecurity event that does damage to your business. Our solutions deploy anywhere within a few hours at most and automatically take steps to secure the network and start tracking the perpetrators. They are so robust that they are readily deployed seamlessly into any running network.

Remember: digital cyberattacks are inevitable. Having your name in the news isn’t, nor is the expensive overhead cost of the data breach.