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This solution provides a higher collection and view of the network’s activities, objects, and evolution, IE: ‘weather patterns.’  Providing system and application data paths throughout the customer’s network. Network traffic detects trends, hotspots, communication patterns, device interactions, importance of areas in the network.

We utilize a lighter level packet inspection vs a traditional IDS, to provide an array of low-cost sensors to enable seeing all activities and actions inside the network. NeTERS works in conjunction with existing IDSs or can provide those capabilities within NeTERS. Packet capture provides malware detection and flow through the network and between hosts, identifies files and watches how they are passed throughout the network, and detects data exfiltration.

NeTERS has the ability to tag, collect, trace and inspect media documents, file documents, web code, and applications in transit, and identifies where various files have moved through the network. NeTERS can also track viruses and virus paths, identifying which systems have been infected. NeTERS can also create network maps in real-time, and has the ability to correctly reconstruct the state of the network at any point in time.