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Security Offering

CCG’s available Software Support packages that a customer may select to purchase on an annual bases includes Hardware, Professional Services, Training and Software Solution Support & Maintenance are available only if customer has a valid software license.

CheckMate is CCG’s flagship offering. It provides all components needed to combat 19 of the 20 SANS 20 Critical Controls in an affordable package. CCG’s CheckMate includes the industry-leading Cyber Security SME “Phen”.
Vulnerabilities Assessment & Insights
Penetration Testing, Active Vulnerability Testing, and Forced Configuration Compliance
Detects, Analyzes & Reports Traffic Patterns on LANS/WANS

Hardware Support Services

The Appliance is provided on the “CCG NSAPPH” computer, which includes CCG’s factory warranty on the appliance. In the event of a defect in the CheckMate, the Customer agrees to contact CCG for replacement parts.

The AdminCore is provided on Dell computers; services related to Dell branded products are governed by Dell terms and conditions. CCG provides no third-party warranty on the Dell hardware. In the event of a defect in the hardware including chassis, motherboard, disks, and memory, the Customer agrees to contact Dell for replacement parts.

CCG provides a thirty (30) warranty on the sensors, including chassis, motherboard, disks, and memory. Sensors Hardware Support Services is provided with CCG’s Appliance and a valid software license. Within two weeks of replacement by CCG of any defective sensor hardware parts, the Customer agrees to and will ship the defective sensor hardware parts, at Customer’s expense, to CCG’s main office. In the event of a Customer’s failure to return defective hardware parts, CCG will charge the Customer the market price of the hardware part. Software updates are provided four times a year which will be provided on media, providing software patches and updates, the latest OS patches and updates, and six critical bug fixes per year due to software defects.

CCG provides a limited warranty for a period of 30 days from the date of shipment or from the date that Customer received the Software or Sensor, as applicable. CCG warrants that when properly installed and used under normal conditions, the Sensor, will perform substantially in accordance with the Documentation. If the Sensor, does not perform substantially in accordance with the Documentation, the entire and exclusive liability of CCG and its distributors and agents and Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy will be limited to replacement of the Sensor

Monitoring Support Services

On-premise or remote services for the delivery and installation of the CCG products. For on-premise services, Customer will provide necessary access to CCG personnel to facilitate the delivery and installation of the CCG products.

CCG CheckMate Hardware Appliance

cybersecurity industries

Onsite Maintenance Support Services

Annual Software Product Support and Maintenance includes quarterly review of the Software. CCG will provide patches, updates, and upgrades to the CCG Software. delivery and installation of the OS patches.  Identification/verification and fixing of log errors, cleanup of aged data on the operating system and tools.

Where Customer has a valid Software license for the Permitted Number of Interfaces, Customer may purchase CCG’s Software Product Support & Maintenance.  Software Product Support & Maintenance is provided for a one-year term, and paid in advance.

Development Support Services

Professional services will be provided for the fees under CCG’s then current fee schedule. CCG will provide professional services to address Customer needs such as managing and maintaining the CCG products, assistance with creating reports, support with threat analysis, alerts, and any other matters as determined between CCG and Customer.

Training Support Services

CCG will provide Training Support Services. CCG agrees to provide up to two (2)daysonsite/online training for up to 6 persons in the training group. For purposes of this section, “two days” means sixteen hours. The parties will cooperate to find a mutually acceptable date and time for the training.

Technical Product Support Services

CCG will provide Technical Product Support Services. Technical Solution Support Services are provided for a one-year term. Support, as described in Attachment D-1, is provided for a fee of the hardware and software license fee paid in year one.


Case SeverityStandard Support Gold Support Platinum Support
1Within 24 hours after emailing the issue, Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Issues reported during the above hours will be responded to the following business day.
Within 8 business hours after emailing the issue and calling the emergency hotline, Monday through Friday excluding holidays.Within 2 business hours after e-mailing the issue and calling the emergency hotline.
2Within 5 working days after e-mail the issue.Within 2 working days after emailing the issue.Within 1 working day after e-mailing the issue.
3Within 3 working week after e-mailing the issue.Within 1 working week after emailing the issue.Within next working week after e-mailing the issue.


The resolution will consist of either a Work Around, an Interim Solution or a Permanent Solution. Problems that require an Interim Solution will be considered resolved when the test used to reproduce the problem demonstrates the corrected behavior.

Note: CCG is not responsible for resolving problems arising from errors in equipment or software not provided by CCG or errors made by individuals who are not CCG employees or contractors.

Resolution Objectives

Case SeverityWork AroundInterim SolutionPermanent Solution
1Standard Support: Provided within 5 working days.Interim SolutionStandard Support: Included in next release.
Gold Support: Provided within 48 hours.Gold Support: Included in next release.
Platinum Support: Provided within 4 hoursPlatinum Support: Included in the next release.
2Standard Support: Provided within 2 working weeks.Standard Support: Provided within 3 working weeks if no Work Around is possible.Standard Support: Included in the next release.
Gold Support: Provided within 1 working week.Gold Support: Provided within 2 working weeks if no Work Around is possible.Gold Support: Included in the next release.
Platinum Support: Provided within 3 working days.PlatinumSupport: Included in next release
3Next release.Standard Support: Provided within 1 working month.When deemed feasible by CCG.

Severity Definitions

Severity LevelDescription
1A Severity 1 problem exists if any CCG or major function thereof is (i) inoperative, or (ii)is experiencing CCG/intermittent problems that are having a significant impact on the Customer’s ability to use the CG Product.
2A Severity 2 problem exists if the functionality of the CCG Product is found to be defective or absent, or contains a problem that renders CCG Product difficult, but not impossible to use.
3A Severity 3 problem exists if the Customer experiences a non-critical degradation of performance, or experiences minor problems that need correction in either CCG Product or the relevant CCG product manuals.


Once the Customer’s own Technical Support Team is unable to resolve CCG’s installed security software product issues.  The Customer will contact CCG; CCG’s internal support organization will start verifying the software issue. Once the problem is verified by the CCG support organization, the request will be handed over to product development to resolve the issue if no resolution is immediately available. The Customer will be contacted as describe above.

CCG’s assigned support engineer follows up on the issue internally within CCG and will, according to the resolution objectives set for the above, attempt to send out work-around and Interim or Permanent Solutions.

Customer understands that CCG cannot guarantee a favorable outcome, and some issues may have to be resolved by providing a new/replacement installation with loss of history.

CCG provides a data feed comprising of the latest updates and new tests available to detect and identify the latest known vulnerabilities.The tests are available for download on a weekly basis.  The feed is usually updated weekly.