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Artificial Intelligence Solutions To Improve Cyber Security Posture

By September 2, 2020No Comments

Artificial Intelligence Solutions To Improve Cyber Security Posture The decade belongs to the internet. Especially the inclusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has brought enormous changes in people’s lives. Many of the devices we are using or thinking about implementing in our lives are directly or indirectly integrated with AI. It would be unfair if we don’t call this era the era of AI.Where everything is gradually evolving with artificial intelligence, how come the most important aspect of the internet, cybersecurity left from it. Indeed, that needed an upgrade with this latest technology, and CCG has done exactly what the situation demands.

From the government organizations to private offices, any device that is running on the internet is vulnerable and is always under hackers’ radar. The average time from accessing the internet to being scanned by a threat actor is seven minutes, where 70% of attacks originate from inside the network.

Also, the recent outbreak of the novel COVID-19 has urged organizations to function from work from home, which has increased cyber threats immensely.

Keeping this in mind, CCG has come with two spectacular cybersecurity solutions which are completely reliable and gives 100% safety assurance within your running network. Easy deployable, these two are set to be the next big thing in the cybersecurity world in the coming years.


CheckMate is CCG’s flagship offering – an all-in-one, complete cyber defense system. It is so robust that it can be readily deployed seamlessly into any running network — to tackle your most complex business, and IT cyber problems, and achieve full digital transformation in IT cybersecurity.

The software product suite provided with CheckMate provides both the public and private organizations a robust, rapidly deployable system that can provide 24/7 monitoring from a single location without the additional expense of physically-manned operation centers.


CCG is delivering solutions derived from the world’s most comprehensive developed intelligence platform called Phen.AI. Phen is derived from Cognitive Learning Artificial Intelligence and Matching Learning Technology with deep packet inspection to support the detection of cyber threats at an unprecedented speed with minimal to no human involvement.

One advantage is that if an adversary that wants to access the Enterprise, Phen constantly acquires additional information and provides security monitoring and defenses that are unique to each target throughout the system as a whole as well as its components.

Wrapping up:

CCG is an Information AI cybersecurity software product and development company that provides specialized professional services for IT, with a specialization in cyber and project management. We work with both government and private organizations to develop hybrid approaches to digital transformation, so agencies can make the optimal use of both existing and new technologies to meet their cybersecurity goals through our offerings CheckMate and Phen-AI.

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