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Phen.AI Isolates Your Cyber Threats In 15 Minutes

By July 9, 2020No Comments

In this era of digitalization, while almost everything runs on technology, cybersecurity breaches are the most common phenomenon we all encounter most of the time. Any device that is connected to the internet is always under hackers’ radar, where within a few seconds they wipe out all the data and leave you under breaking news for the inconvenience;

No matter how hard you try to secure your running system and server from the hackers, they always find a loophole into it and do the maximum damage within a fraction of seconds. In time you realize, everything will be gone!

Whether yours is the finance industry or healthcare or energy industry – you are dealing with an ever-increasing cyber attack, sensitive date, Identity theft, PII data, ever-increasing costs, exploding population growth, economic and political insecurity, and legal and regulatory changes. 

Do you know? Only in the Healthcare Industry, the average cost for data breach per compromised record $335 unless you isolate the threat immediately and stop it from spreading from one device to other devices, data, networks, and workloads while at the same time maintaining business continuity.

But, as they say, “Every problem comes with a solution”! Even for the most complex data breach, there is a highly advanced solution too.


Phen.Ai, a cutting edge technology cognitive learning Artificial Intelligence Software product. Providing “Zero Trust” monitoring, Phen verifies everything trying to connect to networked systems through both passive and active scanning, allowing 100% monitoring of the network 100% of the time.

It is specially designed with highly advanced skills to independently analyze systems, hunt for insider threats, and score those threats.

Phen can throttle the amount and depth of cyber-defense based on history and knowledge of your entire network.

Minimum Time, Maximum Security:

The average time from accessing the internet to be scanned by a threat actor is seven minutes. Amid the pandemic COVID-19, where almost all the organizations have called up for a work from home, this time has now reduced to even less than seven minutes, and cyber breach threats have increased to the maximum level.

Keeping this in mind, with the inclusion of artificial intelligence, CCG offers Phen.Ai, which can be deployed in your running system anytime to tackle the most complex cyber threats. 

Once deployed in your running system, it will isolate everything inside your system within 15 minutes and put a safeguard around it from any kind of cyber threats.

Wrapping Up:

The ultimate goal behind Phen.AI is to promote a safer, more secure cyber world and enhance cyber threats at the earliest. Through a combination of user-centered processes, robust services, and innovative solutions like Phen.AI, CCG is best positioned to assist any organization with the daunting task of enterprise digital transformation while incorporating security in every step of the process.

Contact Information:

CanCGroup (CCG)


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Address: Bowie Business Innovation Center, 1400 Jericho Park Road, Center For Business – Suite 2312, Bowie, MD 20715

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