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Security Data into a DataCenter, Really?

By December 13, 2018November 21st, 2019No Comments

On Monday the 11th of November, Google’s Data Center was hit by a cyberattack.

This is Google. They have one of the world’s largest security and IT budgets when it comes to Cloud/DataCenter.

You should always take into account what you are exporting into a Data Center or third party. Your security data should be of utmost concern. This data includes Vulnerability Scanner, SIEM, etc that is going to a remote data center. That data is being collected by advisories.

CCG keeps your data in your hands, in your location, under your protection.

Not only that, but countries like Russia provide their capabilities to other hackers and adversaries.

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Google was severely impacted in a China & Russia “experiment”. This wasn’t even an attack. Google said it had no reason to believe the traffic hijacking was malicious, meaning even when they weren’t trying they crushed the DataCenter for 1.5 hours.

Data was being diverted to a state-run China Telecom.

Map showing outages.

Why your data shouldn’t exist in a DataCenter.

Ray Canfield

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