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The current pandemic, COVID-19, that is eating deep into the daily routine of individuals and the economies of various countries seems to be taking a negative toll on various people. 

Cybercriminals, who are knowledgeable of the vulnerability individuals possess due to the ongoing crisis and critical situation, have devised means to take advantage of web users. Cybercriminals specifically target individuals who seek maps created to display the analysis and spread of how COVID-19 is fast extending beyond country borders. These individuals are further deceived into downloading an application that has malicious content in it. 

The attack majorly occurs by a user, looking for cartographic representations of the disease, downloading and running applications that have malware hidden in them. 

Canfield Cyberdefense Group’s Artificial Intelligence and cybersecurity technology, Checkmate can protect your entire system and network.

Checkmate encompasses all the components to combat 18 of the 20 SANS Critical Controls and also includes Phen.AI, a cybersecurity software solution that can detect, scan, monitor and hunt for insider threats.

Olumide Akinwekomi

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