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Phen.AI is CCG’s proprietary cognitive learning Artificial Intelligent, patent-pending has been designed with methods to independently analyze systems, hunt for insider threats, and responsible for detecting any network problems, providing threat hunting, behavioral analytic detections and big data analytic. Including Pen-testing, complete visibility of your network and score these threats in order to help establish which systems are critical and recommend what additional protections are required. Phen uses the cognitive knowledge collected about a target including the frequency of changes and vulnerability history.

Phen.AI employs a robust API to test applications and systems against the very latest threats known to the IT industry.  Phen.AI employs a cognitive learning and investigates endpoints and detailed network traffic, uses behavioral intelligence, state of the art knowledgebase of vulnerabilities and MITRE ATT&CK to detect attacks and identify threat relationships across security events, system logs, Netflow, and deep packet inspections.  CheckMate provides real-time network and endpoint monitoring, signature alerting, profiling, and anomalous activity detection. CCG provides 100% coverage of your network 100% of the time and verifies all connects to networked systems through both passive and active pentesting preventing hidden and dark spots for the bad actors to gain a beachhead and hide.

It will use system type, location proximity to the Internet where visibility of the system and increased opportunity to unauthorized access increases, services used number of different services, increases the software on each system and increases the attack footprint increasing breach opportunities, looks into the usage of those services. One advantage is that if an adversary that wants to access the Enterprise, Phen.AI constantly acquires comprehensive information and provides real-time security monitoring and defenses that are unique to each target throughout the system as a whole as well as its components.

Phen.AI is designed to throttle the amount and depth of cyber-defense based on history and knowledge of your entire network. It is develop and architect simultaneously focus on both the full network as well as smaller subsets, down to individual machines and devices. Phen.AI also design to rapidly ingest and analyze massive amounts of PCAP data, amounts that are too much for any human or Cyber IT team to understand in real-time, and will be able to capture and analyze vast amounts of the network traffic data.  Unusual network/endpoint activity followed by unusual data access and continuously monitor network/endpoint vulnerabilities and following

Detection and Identification of threats and APTs by connecting the dots across multiple information sources (system/application logs, DNS, DHCP, netflow, DPI, firewall, honeypot).

Detection of new and abnormal protocol usage for collecting, encrypting and moving or exfiltration of information.  And the ability to track efforts to blend into normal network traffic.  Information: netlow, DPI, network protocol and application knowledge.