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Client Support.

CCG’s Software Solution and Support.

Customize, optimize, and evolve.

Business-driven. Client-focused. Proactive-approach.

Blended with above paramount value propositions, CCG support services are designed to provide world-class maintenance and proactive support for your mission-critical business operations. Be it service warranty upgrades, 24x7x365 maintenance coverage with rapid response times, an onsite software engineer, a dedicated personalized go-to support advocate, remote system health checks, customized support consulting, or single-source multi-vendor support, CCG has an offering that fits your unique set of requirements and budget.

CCG support services are designed to:

*  Proactively mitigates risks of system downtime.

* Effectively frees up your internal support resources.

*  Tailored customized solutions that match to your unique needs.

*  Proactively optimizes system performance.

*  Improves productivity, security, compliance and return on IT investment.

A Flexible Suite of Support Services to Meet Clients Unique Requirements

Every enterprise IT environment is unique. System availability goals vary widely, depending on industry, end-user requirements and budgets. With CCG, you can select from a flexible suite of support services that best align with your specific requirements. You could choose a standard support offering from our portfolio or our experts can help you create a custom fit support offering.

CCG’s Software Solution and Support

CCG’s Extended

Hardware Maintenance

  •  8×5 Support with Four-Hour Response
  • 8×5 with Two-Hour Business Critical Response
  • 9×5 Support with Next Business Day Response
  • 9×5 Support with Four-Hour Response

CCG’S Software

Support Offerings

  •  8×5 Support
  • 8×5 Support with One Hour Emergency Response
  • 9×5 Support

CCG’s Extended

Platinum Support

  •  Onsite Support Specialist
  • Remote Systems Health Check
  • Support Consulting

CCG’s Software Solution and Support

Guiding Your Path to Innovation and efficiency.


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