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Custom AI Cybersecurity Security and Support

Zero Trust 100% Networks monitoring of the network 100% of the time

Traditional security controls are insufficient to protect from cyberattacks in the digital domain, compelling organizations to adopt a Zero Trust Network. The principles are simple – trust no user or device, inside or outside the private network, cloud network, and grant as little access as possible upon reliable identification. Implementing these principles can be complex – solutions that require expensive, time-consuming upgrades to existing network infrastructure make the move to Zero Trust prohibitive.

CCG’s CheckMate is a flexible security solution built on proprietary cognitive learning, Artificial Intelligent, and machine learning that transforms your existing network – both on-premises and in the private cloud – into a Zero Trust Network monitoring, where an AI solution verifies everything trying to connect to its systems through both passive and active scanning, allowing for 100% monitoring of the network 100% of the time.

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CheckMate is deployed to address any effort, short-term or long-term, with next to no geographic restrictions.  Our AI security solution will not only detect any infiltration but will also evaluate and take the appropriate first response actions to protect the networks with minimal to no human involvement; ensuring that the networks remain protected until a cyber response team can evaluate the incident.

CCG’s CheckMate, is a complete self-contained cyber-defense solution and services offer cybersecurity complete solutions that maximize your security posture, maintain regulatory compliance, and protect your organization. Also, our AI solutions scale up at a fraction of the cost of traditional network solutions.  CheckMate is CCG’s flagship offering. This provides all components needed to combat 18 of the 20 SANS Critical Controls in an affordable package.

CCG is delivering solutions derived from the world’s most comprehensive developed intelligence platform called Phen.AI. Phen.AI is the world’s largest and most complete security knowledge base and common sense reasoning engine. When coupled with CheckMate, the result is a Cyber Subject Matter Expert (SME) providing detecting any network problems and insider threats, providing threat hunting, and behavioral analytic detections. Including Pen-testing, complete visibility of your network, unlike any other, one that brings human-like understanding and reasoning to computer security and unprecedented power, speed, and scalability to human thought.

Know Your Network and protect your asset

Discover, visualize and model to protect your asset, think and act fast

Control Risk and Manage Trust

Improve resiliency by eliminating assumed trust and reduce escalating workforce costs

Respond Faster

Phen.AI discovers breaches in 15 minutes, where the average market time to discovery is 220 days.

What does CheckMate protect?

CCG is leading the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) in Cyber Security. All-in-one cognitive learning and investigates any device on the network, endpoints and detailed network traffic, using behavioural intelligence, state of the art knowledgebase of vulnerabilities and MITRE ATT&CK to detect attacks and identify threat relationships across security events, system logs, Netflow, and deep packet inspections.  CheckMate provides real-time network and endpoint monitoring, signature alerting, profiling, and anomalous activity detection. CCG provides 100% coverage of your network 100% of the time and verifies all connects to networked systems through both passive and active pentesting preventing hidden and dark spots for the bad actors to gain a beachhead and hide.

CheckMate is designed to protect networks, devices, and data from cyber threats such as hacking, malware, phishing, and other forms of cyber-attacks. It typically includes a combination of software, hardware, and security protocols that work together to detect and prevent unauthorized access or malicious activity.

CheckMate is CCG’s flagship offering. This provides all components needed to combat 18 of the 20 SANS Critical Controls in an affordable package including:

  • Forensic Analysis, SIEM on steroids solution, Insider Threat Network real-time monitoring and deep packet inspections.
  • State of the art knowledge base of known vulnerabilities, IOC, TTPs and ATT&CK.
  • Detection of genuine vulnerabilities, threats and attacks with very little to no false positives.
  • Ability to perform trend analysis and provide clear report results.
  • Ability to conduct multiple investigations simultaneously
  • Provide recommendations for countermeasures to eliminate undesirable weaknesses, threats and attacks presented in a weighted priority.
  • Sophisticated analytics and Threat Hunting abilities that detect based on knowing the rules and understanding of protocols, network operations, and computer/IoT/etc operation and provides 100% view and insights of the network, preventing hidden and dark spots for the bad actors to gain a beachhead and hide.
  • Phen.AI providing continuous real-time monitoring of a network’s IP addresses, any device on network, endpoints and pentesting of network systems daily with near-zero minimal business impact.

How CheckMate Works?

CCG’s CheckMate is capable of a few different models of operation. These include deployment to the internal network, outside network threat detection, and offline for PCAP analysis. The modular architecture allows for active or passive components. CheckMate modularity allows for adjustments and additions of features to combat every changing cyber-attack model. CCG’s solution platform can grow and expand as demand, desired, or required to provide insight and requirements change by utilizing a modular approach that allows for growth and expanded capabilities as the cyber threat landscape changes.

CCG’s complete self-contained cyber-defense secuirty solution is called Phen.AI and is packaged with CheckMate.

The Phen.AI is responsible for detecting any network problems and insider threats, providing threat hunting, and behavioral analytic detections. Including pen Testing, complete visibility of your network,

  • Humanoid Intelligence driving your cybersecurity. AI is using humanoid thought operating at silicon speed.  The solution is protection against insider threats and threats from zero-day or unknown origins to better and a complete protection of your network.  Phen.AI is like combining Flash with Sherlock Holmes, and they are working together to solve problems.
  • Phen.AI’s ability to start understanding the network and offering “protection” within 15 minutes of deployment and reducing threat detection and breach detection times to less than 15mins compared to the industry standard.
  • Phen.AI is not difficult to set up or use.  Deployment is straightforward compared to other security solutions in the industry standard.
  • Many security solutions require a base-lining of the network that can take anywhere from 30 days to several months.  However, Phen AI does not require this and it is operational within 15 minutes of installation and setup.
  • Normally, the 15 minutes Phen AI needs to discover and learn the network.  Over time Checkmate got more intelligent like Sherlock.
  • Phen.AI is your cyber SME and works with your IT security team and provides security.
  • Currently, CheckMate is deployed into an appliance, also it is designed to operate at the S/TS level network without reach-back to the vendor site or cloud presence.

Our AI security solution suite supports both public and private organizations, a robust, rapidly deployable system that provides 24/7 monitoring from a single location without the additional expense of physically-manned operation centres. Our solutions deploy anywhere within a few hours at most and automatically take steps to secure the network and start tracking the perpetrators. They are so robust that they are readily deployed seamlessly into any running network and reduce escalating workforce costs.

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CCG’s proprietary cybersecurity AI security solution is based on cognitive learning artificial intelligence (AI). Providing “Zero Trust” monitoring, Phen verifies everything trying to connect to networked systems through both passive and active pentesting, allowing for 100% monitoring of the network 100% of the time.

Phen is designed with skills to independently analyze systems, hunt for insider threats, and score these threats.

Phen can throttle the amount and depth of cyber-defence based on the history and knowledge of your entire network.

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CCG’s CheckMate

CheckMate is CCG’s flagship offering. It provides all components needed to combat 18 of the 20 SANS Critical Controls in an affordable package. CCG’s CheckMate includes the industry-leading Cybersecurity SME Phen.AI. CheckMate is an easy-to-use, state of the art, innovative technology solution.


CanSecure ©

Penetration Testing, Active Vulnerability Testing, RedTeam and BlueTeam Exercises.

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Detects, Analyzes & Reports on Traffic. 100% inside view, providing insider threat detection and prevention.

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SMART LogAnalyzer ©

SIEM, Real-Time provided Threat Hunting, Log repository for all devices, events and all quantitative sources facilitating correlations.

CCG’s CheckMate security solution Support Services

CCG’s CheckMate security solution Support Services offer enterprise clients world-class, proven, cost-effective solution support for mission-critical CheckMate all-in-one security solutions. CCG provides a flexible, comprehensive, cost-efficient offering of extended and premium support services designed to reduce costly downtime and improve solution performance and manageability.