CCG offers CheckMate Software, an all in one, complete cyber defense system.  CheckMate leverages Phen.AI, a cutting edge technology cognitive learning Artificial Intelligence Software product. Providing a 100% view of your network 100% of the time.   SIEM, Penetration Testing, Red and Blue Team exercises, and Vulnerability scanning powered by Phen.AI

CheckMate is CCG’s flagship software offering. This provides all components needed to combat 18 of the 20 SANS Critical Controls in an affordable package, deployed within a two hour implementation.

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As more devices come online, indiscriminate cybersecurity threats are increasing. Any entity operating in the digital domain is vulnerable. The average time from accessing the internet to being scanned by a threat actor is seven minutes. 70% of attacks originate from inside the network, Firewalls are not the solution for insider threats. That is why our customers are reaching out to CCG for Phen; our Cognitive Learning Artificial Intelligent and Matching Learning Technology with deep packet inspection to supporting the detection of cyber threats at an unprecedented speed with minimal to no human involvement.

CheckMate is leading the evolution of artificial intelligence (AI) in the Cybersecurity world. With the convergence of Big Data, Complex Distributed Systems, and the Internet-of-Things.Computer Security is ready for true, strong AI that can extract knowledge and understanding from the world of attack and defend your computer systems. CCG is delivering solutions derived from the world’s most comprehensive developed intelligence platform called Phen.AI.

CheckMate is a collaborative suite of software tools integrated with Phen.AI, an Artificial intelligence Subject Matter Expert (SME) comprised of various components, including but not limited to Phen, CanSecure, NeTERS, and SmartLog Analyzer.

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CCG’s proprietary cybersecurity AI software solution is based on cognitive learning artificial intelligence (AI). Providing “Zero Trust” monitoring, Phen.AI verifies everything trying to connect to networked systems through both passive and active scanning, allowing for 100% monitoring of the network 100% of the time.

Phen.AI is designed with skills to independently analyze systems, hunt for insider threats, and score these threats.

Phen.AI can throttle the amount and depth of cyber-defense based on history and knowledge of your entire network.

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CCG’s CheckMate

CheckMate is CCG’s flagship offering. It provides all components needed to combat 18 of the 20 SANS Critical Controls in an affordable package. CCG’s CheckMate includes the industry-leading Cybersecurity SME Phen.AI. CheckMate is an easy-to-use, state of the art, innovative technology solution.


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Penetration Testing, Active Vulnerability Testing, RedTeam and BlueTeam Exercises.

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Detects, Analyzes & Reports on Traffic. 100% inside view, providing insider threat detection and prevention.

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SMART LogAnalyzer ©

SIEM, Real-Time provided Threat Hunting, Log repository for all devices, events and all quantitative sources facilitating correlations.

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Software product Development, Cybersecurity Training, and Support

CCG provides seamless integration of CheckMate Software with the customer environment and into any running network. Including AI Training and ongoing 24/7 technical support, engineering and maintenance of the software product.