Everything you need to achieve by cognitive learning, Artificial Intelligent, Machine Learning, Deep packet inspection all in one cybersecurity software: CheckMate

Whether yours is the Financial Industries, Energy, Healthcare industries—you are dealing with an ever-increasing cyberattack, sensitive date, Identity theft, PII data, ever-increasing costs, exploding population growth, economic and political insecurity, and legal and regulatory changes.

Cybersecurity threats are indiscriminate.  Any entity operating in the digital domain is vulnerable.  The average time from accessing the internet to being scanned by a threat actor is seven minutes. 70% of attacks originate from inside the network.  Firewalls are not the solution for a majority of insider threats.

The almost universally recognized solution to these challenges is digitalizing your business, from your customer experiences and relationships to your internal procedures and workplace. And you’re making headway. You’re at some point in the process of adopting firewalls, cloud services, digitally automating different processes and aspects of your business, developing a cybersecurity posture, and employing AI analytics.

But you still not seeing the reduction of cyberattack in digital space, increasing costs, increased revenue, and shortened timeframes that you need and hoped for from these efforts. You’re also struggling to find the balance between securing your data and assets, and making sure security doesn’t become a productivity and business impediment.

Working with CCG, you will have everything you need.  The software product suite provided with CheckMate provides both the public and private organizations a robust, rapidly deployable systems that can provide 24/7 monitoring from a single location without the additional expense of physically-manned operation centers. The traditional approach of setting up multiple physical operation centers in diverse locations can still take weeks, if not months, even for organizations with significant resources. By the time such a center is set up, the damage is done and the perpetrator, whether an independent hacker or a hostile state actor, will have had enough time to make attribution far more difficult. Our solutions can be deployed anywhere within a few hours at most and can automatically take steps to secure the network and start tracking the perpetrators. CheckMate is so robust that it can be readily deployed seamlessly into any running network — to tackle your most complex business and IT cyber problems and achieve full digital transformation in IT cybersecurity.