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Everything you need to achieve using cognitive learning, Artificial Intelligent, Machine Learning, and Deep packet inspection a complete self-contained cyber-defense security solution: CheckMate

As organizations within the Financial, Energy, and Healthcare sectors continue to expand their digital presence, they face a growing number of cyber threats, including data breaches, identity theft, and sensitive information exposure. These challenges are further exacerbated by rising costs, population growth, political instability, and shifting regulations.

Cybersecurity risks are indiscriminate and affect any entity operating within the digital domain, with a significant portion of threats stemming from internal sources. Traditional perimeter defense measures such as firewalls are insufficient in addressing the majority of insider threats, with a typical time of just seven minutes between accessing the internet and being targeted by cybercriminals, and a staggering 70% of attacks originating from within the network.

The almost universally recognized solution to these challenges is digitalizing your business, from your customer experiences and relationships to your internal procedures and workplace. And you’re making headway. You’re at some point in the process of adopting firewalls, cloud services, digitally automating different processes and aspects of your business, developing a cybersecurity posture, and employing AI analytics.

But you still not seeing the reduction of cyberattack in digital space, increasing costs, increased revenue, and shortened timeframes that you need and hoped for from these efforts. You’re also struggling to find the balance between securing your data and assets, and making sure security doesn’t become a productivity and business impediment.

Working with CCG, you will have access to a comprehensive security package known as CheckMate. This solution offers robust, easily deployable systems for both public and private organizations to implement 24/7 monitoring from a centralized location, eliminating the need for physically manned operation centres. Traditional methods of setting up multiple physical operation centers in various locations can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. With CheckMate, deployment occurs quickly and effectively, allowing for immediate action to secure networks and track malicious actors. CheckMate is highly adaptable and is seamlessly integrated into any existing network to address complex cybersecurity issues and drive digital transformation in IT security.

CheckMate is a Complete Self-Contained Cyber-Defense Cloud Security Solution

Technology professionals now have less visibility into their networks, applications, and infrastructures as a result of the shift to the cloud, hybrid IT, remote workforces, and the introduction of new technology tools, which have led to increasingly complex IT environments for organizations around the world.

As the difficulties in maintaining cloud security continue to change, cloud security posture management (CSPM) extends beyond traditional posture management. For instance, public internet connectivity enables cloud architecture, raising the stakes for data exposure and the potential for data breaches, which are improbable in private data centres.

As business requirements change, cloud infrastructure must become more sophisticated to serve a variety of cloud environments, software applications, computation needs, and storage resources. All of this makes it difficult to maintain visibility and control, identify security risks, fix security vulnerabilities, and follow cloud compliance guidelines.

CCG offers CheckMate Solution, an all-in-one complete self-contained cyber-defence system.  CheckMate leverages Phen.AI, a cutting-edge technology cognitive learning Artificial Intelligent Solution. Providing 100% views and insights of your networks 100% of the time. SIEM, Penetration Testing, Red and Blue Team exercises, and Vulnerability pentest powered by Phen.AI

CheckMate enables customers to accelerate digital transformation through powerful machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities that make it easy to manage highly complex IT environments. The new SaaS platform blends CheckMate solutions across network, infrastructure, systems, application, database, digital experience, and log monitoring in one end-to-end solution across private and public clouds with single-pane-of-glass visibility. CheckMate is built for IT Ops and DevOps teams, developers, cloud architects and IT executives to achieve optimum performance, compliance, and resilience by providing actionable business insights needed to identify and remediate issues.

CheckMate is designed to solve this problem by providing visibility into the complete environment in both public and private clouds and expediting anomaly identification and resolution. By enabling IT Ops, DevOps, and SecOps teams to shift from reactive to proactive postures, CheckMate helps ensure optimal performance and superior user experience, regardless of how distributed a business’s services are, where they run, or how often they change. CheckMate is available as a cloud-native offering on both Azure, GCP, and AWS clouds.

Risk management and compliance are important aspects of cloud security because they ensure that the organization adheres to all applicable corporate, regulatory, and industry standards. The administration of the cloud’s security posture includes SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, containers, and serverless platforms. This equates to all cloud service providers meeting security goals while offering services and data protection. Many enterprises have used CSPM systems to provide basic and advanced cloud posture methods for ever-changing cloud infrastructures and cloud-based applications

To cope with the changes in the realities of managing cloud infrastructure in today’s complicated cybersecurity landscape, organizations use cloud security posture management solutions like CheckMate.

The CheckMate a complete self-contained cyber-defence security solution provides these advanced CSPM capabilities. Its agentless cloud security solution is used to accomplish three major goals: managing multi-cloud systems, demonstrating regulatory cloud compliance, and performing security due diligence.  With the modular design and architecture, CheckMate will rapidly adjust and integrate new security technologies as they are defined and become available.  By leveraging industry-leading non-profit and government-sponsored organizations (CIS, NIST, MITRE), CheckMate will immediately update the CSPM capabilities as they are developed and designed.

The benefits of using CSPM solutions like CheckMate, and Phen.AI for changing environments include but are not limited to,

  • Real-time threat detection: The cyber security sensors monitor all communications traffic, identifying and tracking malware activity through your digital network.  In high-end cyber security sensors, CheckMate reconstitutes applications, documents, and data from the wire and provides analysis to detect malware, a technique developed.
  • Automated remediation: Phen.AI automates and orchestrates NIST standards-driven vulnerability pentest.  Phen.AI detects changes to systems and applications within 15 minutes and automates immediate changes to vulnerability scanning.  Cyber security sensors enable real-time vulnerability pentest and alerting.
  • Maintaining compliance: Phen.AI implements and provides reports for compliance requirements.  CheckMate ensures secure asset configurations against NIST CCEs.  Phen.AI ensures government standard compliances: USGBC, STIGs, and custom compliance requirements.  The solution is pre-configured with dashboards for NIST 800-53 and other standards.
  • Streamlined DevSecOps:  CheckMate uses streamlined workflows to resolve misconfigurations and manage multi-cloud accounts and providers for compliance requirements.  CheckMate ensures secure asset configurations against NIST CCEs.  Phen.AI ensures government standard compliances: USGBC, STIGs, and custom compliance requirements.  The platform is preconfigured with dashboards for NIST 800-53 and other standards.

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