Achieving State of the Art cognitive learning, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep packet inspection software in an all in one product: CheckMate: Phen.AI

Enterprises in virtually every industry — Financial Industries, Energy, Healthcare industries, and Governments Originations—are dealing with ever-increasing cyberattacks, sensitive information, Identity theft, hacking PII data, ever-increasing costs, exploding population growth, economic and political insecurity, and legal and regulatory changes.

CheckMate an all in one cybersecurity software product, is a collaborative suite of software tools integrated with Phen.AI, an Artificial intelligence. Phen.AI is the world’s largest and most complete security knowledge base and commonsense reasoning engine. When coupled with CheckMate, the result is a Cyber Subject Matter Expert (SME) providing Threat Hunting unlike any other, one that brings human-like understanding and reasoning to computer security and unprecedented power, speed, and scalability to human thought.

CheckMate is comprised of critical components, including but not limited to AI, CanSecure, NeTERS, and SmartLog Analyzer. It is developed around flexibility and nimbleness to adapt to threat changes and fits into any network. You’re likely in the process of deploying analytics and strengthening your cybersecurity strategy to make the transition from a traditional to the digital business model.CheckMate can aid you like no other product on the market today.

With CheckMate, you will have everything you need — industrial-strength Artificial Intelligent cyber defense software solution; a coordinated, streamlined private cloud environment; passive and active scanning, Penetration Testing, Red and Blue Team exercises, and SIEM solution with artificial Intelligent analytics and Insider threats detection, devices and end-points protection and achieve full digital transformation.