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Transforming Artificial Intelligent Cybersecurity Solutions with ease and Zero Trust

Transformation in government services is underway now unlike anything we have seen in the past decades. The ultimate goal CCG wants to promote is a safer, more secure world and enhance citizens’ lives. These include combating terrorism and crime by ensuring networks are protected and that security teams– have what they need to perform their duties more effectively. The solution will require establishing smarter computer programs such as CheckMate equipped with AI technology to handle the demand of the rapidly changing threat landscape.  The enterprise solution CheckMate ensures it meets the requirements for Zero Trust.

There’s a lot to consider as government agencies attempt to achieve all this. For example, how can they deploy new digital technologies to operate at higher levels of efficiency and speed while reducing privacy and security risks? Equally important, how can they accomplish this with limited funds and without disrupting their vital missions?

We can help!

cybersecurity industries

Government agencies rely on the CheckMate Solution to protect their employees, infrastructure, and cyber operations. We work with government organizations to develop hybrid approaches to digital transformation, so agencies can make the optimal use of both existing and new technologies to meet their goals.

As a result, government agencies will be better able to maintain consistent operations and monitoring as they adopt cloud, advanced analytics, and other technologies to drive greater efficiency, security, and responsiveness.  Through a combination of user-centred processes, robust services, and innovative solutions, CCG is best positioned to assist government organizations with the daunting task of enterprise digital transformation while incorporating security in every step of the process.

CCG Phen.AI with CheckMate solution provides complete coverage and validation to address any Federal government requirements with the start-of-the-art deployment architecture for Insider Threat and User and Entity Behaviour Analytics (UEBA). The solution is modular and will grow to match any government processes and requirements that are further developed.

Coverage of any Federal Government entities requirements:

The following are defined within the process and coverage is provided with the CheckMate deployment to support threat hunting and UEBA installation

  • Audit and Compliance
  • Parameter Defense
  • Device Registry
  • Insider Threat and UEBA
  • Logging
    • System logs (OS / Application)
      • Malware verification
      • Removable Media
  • Netflow / sensor
    • IP Registration
    • Port Security
    • TLS
  • IP Registration and Port Security: The enterprise deployment identifies new devices (IPs) and applications (ports) within the enterprise.  These enterprise solutions ensure and automatically certify that all systems, devices, IoT, and IP’d devices are accurately configured to meet the Federal Government entity requirements and deliver events to the SIEM.
  • Device Registry: Our enterprise solution automatically certifies and ensures all IPs and Ports are registered and feeding events to the SIEM.
  • Audit and Compliance: The enterprise implementation of CheckMate will provide real-time compliance dashboards to ensure systems and networks meet requirements.  These include NIST 800-53 and STIGs and more.  This incorporates patching, penetration testing and vulnerability scanning by identifying all unknown and known weaknesses with 0-day.
  • TLS: The enterprise implementation tracks and guarantees TLS requirements are met.  Through the sensors data, real-time identification, notification, reporting of TLS status and guarantee you stay in compliance.
  • Zero Trust: The enterprise solution CheckMate ensure it meets the requirements for Zero Trust.
  • Inside Threat and UEBA: The Enterprise solution observes all user behavior and activities providing threat detection.
  • Parameter Defense: The enterprise implementation will watch over and secure the perimeter of any network.  This will ensure all activities and communication across any network boundaries are completely protected.

CheckMate and SIEM on Steroids Implementation Benefits:

  • The enterprise solution CheckMate will detect all applications and systems to make certain that they are providing all events to CheckMate. CCG’s humanoid intelligent AI will monitor and ensure event feeds remain active.
  • AI will track and monitor events across multiple systems’ event feeds. Phen.AI will correlate user and application sessions as they cross unrelated devices, such as VPNs, firewalls, routers, switches, devices, and applications.
  • AI will use applicable information available in the combined solution to enrich alerts and provide a complete portrait.
  • AI operates automatically at silicon speed to combine collected information such as detected vulnerabilities, CVEs, alerts, observations, and more in order to validate and ensure an event is real.

AI real-time utilizing AI, humanoid artificial intelligence to discover outliers and suspicious events.