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In an age where most businesses function online, the need for cybersecurity solutions to safeguard your business has become very important. Remote offices, in particular, face a unique set of challenges as they face an array of online threats. At Canfield CyberDefense Group (CCG), we understand the gravity of the situation, and that’s why we’ve developed the CheckMate solution – a comprehensive cybersecurity defense enterprise security appliance.

Understanding CheckMate Solution:

CCG provides a complete self-contained cyber defense system called CheckMate. This powerful solution implements an Advanced Persistent Defense (APD) with a zero-trust cybernetic security architecture, all powered by Phen. AI. So, what makes CheckMate the go-to cybersecurity solution for remote offices?

  • Threat Detection with Cognitive Learning Phen.AI

CheckMate utilizes cognitive learning Artificial Intelligence and matching learning technology with deep packet inspection to swiftly detect cyber threats at silicon speed with humanoid intelligence and reasoning. This means it doesn’t just identify threats; it understands them, offering a level of security that goes beyond the surface.

  • Insider Threat Protection

Did you know that 73% of attacks originate from inside the network? Where traditional firewalls fall short of addressing insider threats, CheckMate solutions shine. With robust API testing and Phen.AI’s cognitive learning techniques, CheckMate analyzes network devices, endpoints, and traffic to effectively detect and link threats. It ensures your remote office is protected not just from external threats but also from within.

  • Zero Trust Cybersecurity

The CheckMate solution verifies everything trying to connect to networked systems through both passive and active penetration testing and vulnerability scanning. This meticulous approach ensures 100% coverage of your network 100% of the time, leaving no room for hidden dark spots where malicious actors could exploit vulnerabilities.

  • Rapid Deployment and Real-time Monitoring

CCG’s CheckMate solution stands out by offering the ability to start understanding the network and providing protection within 15 minutes of deployment. It reduces threat detection and breach detection times to less than 15 minutes, setting a new standard in the industry. CheckMate ensures that your online shield is strong and swift in its response, providing real-time monitoring that keeps pace with the speed of evolving cyber threats.

  • Comprehensive Cyber Defense Ecosystem

CheckMate isn’t just a solution; it’s a complete self-contained cyber defense security ecosystem. Powered by Phen.AI, it includes components like CanSecure, NeTERS, and SMART LogAnalyzer. From penetration testing and active vulnerability scanning to insider threat detection and prevention, CheckMate covers all aspects of cybersecurity for your remote office.

Secure Your Remote Office from Cyber Threats with CheckMate Solution

As the remote work trend continues to surge, the importance of a reliable cybersecurity solution cannot be overstated. CCG’s CheckMate solution, powered by Phen.AI ensures that your remote office is secured against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats. Join us on the journey towards a secure and resilient remote office environment. Let us be your trusted partner, not just for cybersecurity but for peace of mind for every click and connection in your remote office. Try CheckMate today, and experience the power of cognitive learning AI in action. 

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