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Attackers Infect Town of Collierville With Ryuk Ransomware.

By July 20, 2019February 6th, 2023No Comments

The issue.

The Town of Collierville in Tennessee suffered a ransomware attack after attackers infected the town’s computers and servers with Ryuk ransomware.

The big picture.

The Town of Collierville’s with a computer network that serves nearly 550 workers has recently infected with Ryuk ransomware.

  • The infection crippled computer systems and encrypted some of the computer files, blocking access to those files.
  • The attack also impacted public services like permit requests, public records requests, and business services. While people could access the town website and fill out forms like permit applications, town workers weren’t able to see that request on their end.

Note: The cost of cyberattacks can be so expensive, such that it can put small companies targeted out of business.

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