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CheckMate Advance Behavioral Analytic Solution

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Cybersecurity is critical for organizations of all sizes and industries as it helps protect sensitive information such as financial data, personal information, and confidential business plans from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, or destruction. Without effective cybersecurity measures in place, organizations may face significant financial losses, reputational damage, and even legal consequences. Additionally, with the increasing reliance on technology in the modern business world, cybersecurity has become crucial for maintaining the continuity of operations and ensuring the overall success of an organization. UEBA is a cybersecurity technology that uses machine learning and other advanced analytics techniques to identify and alert anomalous behaviour within an organization’s network. This can include identifying malicious insiders, detecting advanced threats, and identifying data exfiltration attempts.

Traditionally, UEBA solutions have relied on rule-based systems and pre-defined behavioural profiles to identify anomalies. However, these systems are often prone to false positives and can be easily bypassed by attackers who are aware of the rules.

CheckMate UEBA solutions takes this technology one step further by leveraging artificial intelligence Phen.AI to analyze network data and user behaviour. This allows for more accurate and efficient threat detection, as well as the ability to automatically respond to threats in real time.

CheckMate security solutions are built on the world’s most comprehensive intelligent platform which empowers organizations to act on data from any source, at any speed, and on any timescale. Security Operations Center (SOC) teams can analyze all machine data including log/event data from applications, endpoints, network devices, and much more allowing them to quickly identify meaningful insights, determine root causes and bring data to the most pressing use cases.

Let’s examine the advantages of using a user and entity behaviour analytics (UEBA) solutions like CheckMate User Behavior Analytics (UBA), which is powered by phen.AI, cyber intelligence, and a data-driven platform that connects effortlessly with CCG’s Enterprise Security (ES). The deployment of CheckMate and phen.AI can improve security by detecting and resolving issues like lateral movement, unknown threats, and data exfiltration.

CheckMate uses machine learning algorithms to analyze network data and user behaviour. This allows the system to learn the normal patterns of behaviour for users and entities on the network, and then identify anomalies that deviate from these patterns. This approach is more effective at detecting advanced threats and identifying malicious insiders, as it is not limited by pre-defined rules and profiles.

The core functionality of the CheckMate is summarized below:

Inventory and Control of Enterprise Assets and Software Assets. There is coverage for software and devices (network, servers, desktops, IoT, BYOD). Phen provides for the automation and orchestration of CheckMate and these assets.

Continuous Vulnerability Management. CheckMate follows strict NIST standards using CVE, CPE, and CVSS to control, manage, and prioritize the process. Phen orchestrates the process, making it possible to scan ten thousand systems every day with zero impact on the digital network and target systems.

Data Protection. CheckMate ensures encryption usage for transferring data. It implements Data Loss Prevention.

Secure Configuration of Enterprise and Digital Network Assets. Phen implements and provides reports for compliance requirements. CheckMate ensures secure asset configurations against NIST CCEs. Phen ensures government standard compliances: USGBC, STIGs, and custom compliance requirements. The software is preconfigured with dashboards for NIST 800-53 and other standards.

Account Management. Phen understands and develops the behaviours of users and accounts. This allows Phen to immediately target and focus on anomalies and misuse or pivoting of accounts.

Access Control Management. Phen develops an understanding of user access and control changes. Phen uses changes in user access control to pinpoint and assure the new access control changes are being used correctly.

Continuous Vulnerability Management. Phen automates and orchestrates NIST standards-driven vulnerability scanning. Phen detects changes to systems and applications within 15 minutes and automates immediate changes to vulnerability scanning. Cyber security sensors enable real-time vulnerability scanning and alerting.

Audit Log Management. Phen uses ML to detect anomalies, add behaviour analysis, and do threat hunting and can track user activities and sessions across multiple systems throughout the digital network.

Malware Defense. The cyber security sensors monitor all communications traffic, identifying and tracking malware activity through your digital network. In high-end cyber security sensors, CheckMate can reconstitute applications, documents, and data from the wire and provide analysis to detect malware, a technique developed at the CIA.

Application Software Security. CheckMate implements SAST and DAST models and targeted penetration testing.

Incident Response Management. With the use of NIST CVSS, CheckMate will help drive the response efforts by Phen or the cyber defence team.

Limitations of Ports and Protocols. In understanding the digital network, devices, and systems, Phen collects and uses a knowledge and logic system (KRRA) to identify and study ports and services. Phen understands services (their misuse) and knows who is accessing them, how often, and how much the service is being used. Phen will detect changes in their behaviour and identify their existence in less than 15 minutes and often in real time.

Behavioural modelling: The CheckMate system learns the normal patterns of behaviour for users and entities on the network and uses this information to identify anomalies.

Real-time threat detection: CheckMate continuously monitors network data and user behaviour to identify potential threats in real time.

Automatic response: The system can be configured to automatically respond to identified threats, such as blocking access or quarantining a device.

Advanced analytics: The system uses advanced analytics techniques such as machine learning and statistical analysis to identify threats.

Integration with other security systems: The system can be integrated with other security systems such as SIEMs and firewalls to provide a more comprehensive view of the organization’s security posture.

CheckMate UEBA solutions provide advanced threat detection capabilities by leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to analyze network data and user behaviour. This approach is more effective at identifying advanced threats and malicious insiders than traditional UEBA solutions and can also provide benefits such as reduced false positives, increased efficiency, and better incident response. Organizations looking to improve their security posture should consider implementing AI-based UEBA solutions.

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