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In the last few years, the cybersecurity practice force is changing speedily, and the impact of this test becomes more sensitive, for both individual persons and organizations.

Cybercrimes remain top global threats of this century, which has put a large number of persons and organizations into cyber dangers. Organizations and different financial companies are exposed on a regular basis to the volume of cyber-attacks on their structure, attacks which can lead to widespread damage to the organizations.

Cyber Security threat is imposed from a variety of potential actors such as organization workers who have access to sensitive and confidential information or data, hackers, social activists, criminal groups, terrorist organizations and even from governments. Cyber Security attacks can be conducted out of political and protest causes, in order to achieve public notice and strategic information or to get a hold on trade secrets and intellectual properties.

Public organizations are currently exposed to widespread cyber-attack attempts on their computers and servers, which as consequently forced them to establish and upgrade their cybersecurity, in order to respond to those volume threats they encountered.

In the space between the technological activities aimed to degrade or reduce the cyber risks, and the informative and control activities – an organization needs the backup of widespread legal activity and execution of a variety of measures in the force to ensure cybersecurity.

Olumide Akinwekomi

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