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On February 17th, 2020 Canfield CyberDefense Group held technology training in cybersecurity with students at college of business graduate school, Bowie State University,

We are aware that the current IT professionals of all backgrounds are interested in crossing over to cybersecurity field, but this individual needs help, the right skill, certifications and education.

There are opportunities to give back to the community. Meanwhile, our organization is focused on motivating and preparing students to explore the cybersecurity field because students at various university offer a unique view as a result of their life-long immersion in technology and can contribute towards the future of cybersecurity if offered the right tools, education and training.

At the event, students were able to understand what it takes to become a cybersecurity specialist or analyst and learnt the skills needed to be effective in the workforce across the full stack of networking technologies.

Olumide Akinwekomi

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