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Data breach: Do you know you are financially responsible for a Cybersecurity Breach?

By September 23, 2019December 10th, 2019No Comments

The high cost of the data breach: Who should be financially responsible for Cybersecurity Breaches? Cybersecurity breaches have become more expensive and persistent. This has raised the question about who should pay when a customer’s data gets stolen? This implies that putting your data into a cloud environment is not enough protection from financial penalties. In relation to data breach incidents, the consensus of both the law and cybersecurity experts is that the data owner, the firm or organization that is storing users’ data are responsible for data breaches and will pay any associated fines or fees resulting from legal action. while data holders have to notify the data owner when a data breach occurs. It is important to note that organizations, rather than individuals will be held accountable for havoc caused by cybersecurity breaches now and years to come.

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Olumide Akinwekomi

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