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How Are You Prioritizing Resilience in the Cyberspace?

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Cyber resilience is an Enterprise’s ability to plan, adapt, and recover when cyberattacks occur. If an Enterprise can protect itself against these threats, mitigate the consequences of a security incident, and ensure the continuity of its activity during and after the attacks, such enterprise is said to be cyber resilient. Conventional security mechanisms are not adequate, which is why cyber resilience has grown in recent years. It is now realistic to expect that attackers will inevitably gain access to various computing devices. Therefore companies must start planning to work on strategies to combat potential cybercrimes.

            It is expedient to note that cyber resilience relies on three main factors People, Process and Technology. An Enterprise achieves adequate cyber resilience with the perfect blend of the 3 resources mentioned. But some flaws create a gap of these complementary variables, like over-relying on technology and completely ignoring the vital contribution of well-informed individuals and well-designed processes. Not only does cyber resilience help an enterprise adapt to an attack and quickly survive. An organization can develop and design solutions that can be delivered around its current System by implementing a cyber resilience program. Also, it enhances system-wide safety and security and reduces the risk of cyberattacks.

Cyber Resilience Strategy

            To understand cyber resiliency, an enterprise would need to consider the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, which is a computer security guidance framework that informs organizations on how to analyze and strengthen their ability to identify, defend, detect, respond to and recover following cyber breaches.

            One strategy would be to detect and identify organizational risks and threats, a company should perform risk assessments. For cybersecurity, this would involve setting up communications in the company for evaluation purpose. All members should have a detailed and common understanding of the limitations and vulnerabilities of their workplace and its security framework in every department of an enterprise.

Ways to improving Cyber Resilience

Establish Consciousness: The very first step in enhancing cyber resilience is to increase consciousness through the leadership of a company that cybersecurity isn’t just a technological or IT concern, it is a business issue. Because of cyber incidents, companies with a higher degree of cyber readiness suffer fewer business impact.

Project the Unexpected: As an enterprise that has endured a cyberattack would agree, a cyber-attack may have a huge effect on or ruin the capacity of a business to survive. Strategies for enterprise continuity preparation would provide measures to survive a cyberattack.

Test Response Strategy: Improving the pace and efficiency of the response effort is one of the key factors for preparing and testing for some form of incident.

            As part of all disaster response and IR contingency operations, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) advises the testing of response plans. Using cybersecurity risk as part of business planning exercise simulations, as well as including the cybersecurity staff as part of the exercise itself, would allow the company in the case of a real-world event and be more equipped for both business continuity and incident recovery. Similarly, cybersecurity teams will find better quality testing as part of their incident management testing by involving all enterprise partners and business continuity team members.

Respond Effectively: Businesses must have a good view as to how to react and recover from cyber-attack. To take action quickly to mitigate or reduce the effect of a cyber threat, the option should be to turn to an organizations’ cybersecurity incident response strategy. A suggestion would be to design the incident response strategy as developed by NIST.

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