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Johannesburg electricity provider City Power gets hit by a ransomware attack

By July 26, 2019November 21st, 2019No Comments

What is the issue?

City Power, an electricity provider owned by the city of Johannesburg, suffered a ransomware attack which has led to a blackout to its IT systems. The virus has attacked the City Power database and other software, impacting most of our applications and networks

What is the impact?

  • The ransomware infection encrypted the company’s databases, systems, applications, the internal network, and the official website.
  • The attack disabled a few clients from buying electricity units using the company’s prepaid electricity vending system.
  • The incident also affected the company’s response time to logged calls as some of its internal systems to dispatch and order material have been delayed.

This is how CCG “Checkmate” can help prevent this particular situation at City Power

  • NeTERS utilizes a lighter level packet inspection vs a traditional IDS, to provide many low-cost boxes to see everything inside the network
  • Packet capture provides malware detection and flow through the network and between hosts, identifies files and watches how they are passed throughout the network, and detects data exfiltration.
  • NeTERS can also track viruses and virus paths, identifying which systems have been infected.

NeTERS Features:

Full network packet capture.

Passive network scanning

Passive and active device detection

Real-time new device detection and accurate identification

Network flows in real-time

Seamlessly integrates with CCG Cansecure

Available here is a description of how each of our product solutions, can help protect your business from Cyberattacks

Olumide Akinwekomi

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